Tower  Benefit Consultants

Employee Benefit Brokers & Consultants

We have over over 200 years of combined experience in employee benefits. We are composed of highly qualified professional employee benefit consultants.


Our consultants will help you find customize your insurance plan that is best aligned with your business' needs.

Information Security

Our client's information is priceless and we handle it as such.

Benchmarks and Comparisons

We can provide your organization with information that is essential in making cost-cutting decisions that won't impact your employee benefit needs.

Employee Retention

Helping you protect, retain, and attract your greatest assets.

Scaling Solutions

Our consultants can find solutions for your growing business. As your business matures, your premiums will stay affordable.

We offer all types of foreign travel insurance and coverage for you or your family.

Before committing your company to any insurance plan, give us a call. We can provide you with honest and professional advice, free of charge.

Our Mission

Our Mission is our commitment to our clients, who are the focus of everything we do.

We are committed to offer our clients (individuals and employers) expertise and guidance that is proven, personalized, and responsive. To ensure client satisfaction, the quality and availability of our service is our priority. Combining innovative ideas and solutions with an experienced, dedicated staff, we promise our customers fairness, value and outstanding service.

Reliable & Effective

We are a full service, insurance consultant agency.  We specialize in many areas of personal and corporate insurance, and can find solutions or offer assistance to nearly every situation.

We are here to assist our clients in navigating through the legalities of the insurance industry.

At Tower Benefit Consultants, we pride ourselves on understanding our clients needs. If we cannot deliver you a solution, we can assist in finding another organization that can!

We are dedicated to ensuring you obtain your products or services lightning fast.  In an industry that isn't always straight forward, we will ensure you understand the truths of any answers you seek.

We are regulated by the Virginia SCC.

We provide fast and professional support to our clients free of charge.


We are on the cutting edge of tomorrow's insurance information.

We want to make sure your experience leaves you more knowledgeable and confident than before you contacted us.

We are effective consultants, and we will not waste your time.

We Are Here to Help Provide Insurance